Economie de la longévité

Economie de la longévité

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Séance 2 : Stylized facts of the demographic transition


- Ronald Lee, “The demographic transition : three centuries of fundamental changes”, Journal of Economic Perspectives, 2003



- Robert Fogel, “Economic Growth, Population Theory, and Physiology : the Bearing of Long-Term Processes on the Making of Economic Policy”, American Economic Review, 1994



Séance 3 : Health, Market Economy and Social Organisation


- Richard Easterlin, “How Beneficient is the Market ?”, European Review of Economic History, 1999


- Amartya Sen, “Mortality as an Indicator of Economic Succes and Failure”, Economic Journal, 1998


Séance 4 : Longevity, Demographic Transition and Long-Term Growth (1)


- Raouf Boucekkine, David de la Croix & Omar Licandro, “Vintage Human Capital, Demographic Trends and Endogenous Growth”, Journal of Economic Theory, 2002


- Shanka Chakraborty, “Endogenous Lifetime and Economic Growth”, Journal of Economic Theory, 2004


Séance 5 : Longevity, Demographic Transition and Long-Term Growth (2)


- Blackburn & Cipriani, “A Model of Longevity, Fertility and Growth”, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2002


- Galor & Weil, “Population, Technology and Growth : from Malthusian Regime to the Demographic Transition”, American Economic Review, 2000


Séance 6 : Does Health improvement Foster Economic Take-Off ? (1)


- Jeffrey Sachs “Macroeconomics and Health : Investing in Health for Economic Development”, Report of the Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, World Health Organisation, 2001

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Séance 7 : Does Health improvement Foster Economic Take-Off ? (2)


- Acemoglu & Johnson, “Disease and Development : the Effect of Life Expectancy on Economic Growth”, Journal of Political Economy, 2007

- Hazan, “Longevity and Lifetime Labor Supply : Evidence and Implications”, Econometrica, 2009


Séance 8 & 9 : Health Behavior


- Cawley and Ruhm, “The Economics of Risky Health Behaviors”, Handbook of Health Economics, 2012.

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Séance 10 : Population Ageing in Advanced Countries


- Brown & Finkelstein, “Insuring Long-Term Care in the United States”, Journal of Economic Perspective,

- Ehrlich & Kim, “Social Security and Demographic Trends : Theory and Evidence from the International Experience”, Review of Economic Dynamics, 2007

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